30 Ball BingoYou may have been under the impression that the only online bingo games that you can play are 75, 80 or the 90 ball bingo games, however if you sign up to our top rated Party Bingo site today you are now going to be able to play a brand new and never seen before bingo game.

This new game which Party Bingo now has on offer throughout the day and night is their rapid playing 30 ball bingo game which is going to enable you to get involved in a huge number of games in a short amount of time.

So if you, like many other online bingo players only have a small amount of time to play bingo on any one given day of the week then make sure you do choose to play at Party Bingo as you will find these 30 ball bingo games will tick all of the right boxes in regards to what you are looking for, namely a bingo game structured in such a way you can play off dozens of games rapidly with no hanging around!

The 30 ball bingo card itself is tiny, for you will find there are three rows containing just three numbers and three columns also containing three numbers of there are only three numbers on each card.

The prizes you will be able to play for are awarded when you complete either one single line on the card, two lines or you manage to get a full house on which all 9 numbers on any one single card have all been marked off.

The cost of each 30 ball bingo card is very low in prize and start at just 0.05, and with only 30 bingo balls in play in the bingo machine you will find there is currently no faster playing bingo game available anywhere else online other than Party Bingo.

Make sure you do get actively involved in these 30 ball bingo games as there are plenty of instant cash prizes to be won, and you will not be forced to play long and drawn out bingo games when you play them as the results and winner of each game are soon known, due to the design of the cards and the 30 bingo ball playing structure ensure you can rattle through a lot of games very, very quickly.