Welcome to the frequently asked questions section of the Free Bingo Online website, here we will answer as many of the most commonly asked questions you may have about our site and what we offer all of our web visitors. You will also find information below about all of the Bingo sites which are listed through our site.

  • Listed Bingo Sites – All of the Bingo sites which we have listed around our website have been handpicked us and we are confident that each and every one of them will live up to your high standards in regards to the way that site is run and operated.
  • Playing Online Bingo – To allow you to get to grips fully with the way each and every online Bingo site showcased on our website works, each one of them will allow you to sign up and register as a new player, and will give you access to a range of free to play Bingo games, and as such you can see for yourself, first hand just how easy the Bingo sites are to use.
  • Bingo Banking Options – As a new real money player at any of our featured online Bingo sites, you will want to make quick and secure deposits into any of them. To ensure this is a reality all of the sites listed will offer you a comprehensive selection of banking options which will enable you to not only fund an online Bingo account but also make a withdrawal from such sites, instantly and without any delays or hassle!
  • Checking Your Bingo Tickets – One commonly asked question to players who are new to playing Bingo online, is how you dab off any number which has been called out on your online Bingo tickets. All of the Bingo sites listed have an auto dab feature, and as such the software itself keeps track of all of your purchased tickets and as soon as a number is called which is on any ticket the software will dab it off for you.
  • Missed Calls – In land based Bingo clubs some players miss call, this is where they either have made a mistake in believing one of their Bingo tickets has won or they have marked off the wrong numbers on their tickets. This will never happen when you play online Bingo as it is the software which calls house for you, meaning you will never miss out on a winning ticket either!
  • Pre-Buying Bingo Tickets – When you are playing Bingo online you will soon discover that during the day or night there is some large jackpot paying Bingo games on offer. It may not be possible for you to be online when that particular game is running; however you can now pre-buy your tickets in advance for any Bingo game played online at any of our featured sites.

    Pre-buying tickets in advance is simple, and as such once you have bought tickets for any game in advance, the Bingo software will keep track of these tickets for you, and that will mean you do not even need to be online when the Bingo jackpot games are playing!

So once you have pre bought any number of tickets you can rest safe in the knowledge that your tickets will be checked as the game gets under-way, and should one of them win then your winnings will be credited to your online Bingo account and will be sat there waiting for you when you next log in to that particular online Bingo site!