The reason Jackpot Joy Bingo chose the effervescent Barbara Windsor as the face of their online bingo site is obvious, her larger than life, outgoing nature is identical to the way they run their bingo site and as such if you are looking for fun, fun, fun then you will not find a better site at which to play bingo online.

You really will be joining an online community where everyone is always welcomed with open arms, and being such a well known and much loved bingo site, Jackpot Joy Bingo are famed for their ongoing bingo bonuses and promotions that rewards players loyalty, however if you have never given them a try before, then as a brand new real money player you will be able to take full advantage of their deposit £10 play with £35 bingo promotion.

One other thing that Jackpot Joy is famed for is their huge ongoing bingo jackpots, they have some of the biggest jackpots of any online bingo site, and each day of the week someone is guaranteed to win a truly massive bingo jackpot, and by signing up and becoming their next new bingo player that person and lucky winner could be you.

So what are you waiting for get yourself over to the Jackpot Joy bingo site and sign up today, those bingo jackpots are just a click of your mouse away as is the huge number of free bingo games which they have on offer!

Bingo Games at Jackpot Joy Bingo

When it is bingo you want to play online, why play at a bingo site where you can only have a tiny limited selection of bingo games? Jackpot Joy offer you every single type of bingo game you could possibly want to play, and below we have listed the many different kinds of their bingo games which you will get full access too once you sign up and become a new player.

  1. 75 Ball Bingo – By playing the 75 ball bingo games which are freely available at Jackpot Joy Bingo you are going to be able to play and interact with your fellow players, as all you need to do is to launch the chat room and then get chatting away, this means playing bingo is no longer a solitary thing to do!
  2. 80 Ball Bingo – Not everyone has a lot of spare time to play bingo online, and if you can only manage a short amount of time in your daily diary then make sure you head to the 80 ball bingo games, the reason for us saying this is that due to the sheer speed of these bingo games you will get to play many more games per hour than by playing any other bingo games online!
  3. 90 Ball Bingo – To bag some of the large cash prizes then make sure you spend some time looking through the 90 ball bingo schedule at Jackpot Joy, and that is where they put all of the up and coming jackpot games, which offer some life changing jackpots. Someone has to win those jackpots so why not try and win one yourself by giving 90 ball bingo at Jackpot Joy a try!

Play Bingo Slots at Jackpot Joy Bingo

From time to time when you are playing bingo at Jackpot Joy you may get the urge to play something else, and this could see you sitting down to play a huge collection of bingo slot games. At Jackpot Joy they truly believe in guaranteeing you will get access to everything you could possibly want to play and this include some of the best paying slot machines found anywhere online. The following slot machines can be found once you log into Jackpot Joy.

  • Houdini Slot – On the face of it the Houdini sot game is much like any other video slot, as it comes with a 5 reel video format and spread over these reels are a total of a maximum 25 optional paylines. However with a huge 10,000 coin jackpot on offer, and not one, but three unique and potentially very high paying bonus games which can be triggered then this slot machine is well worth you taking a much closer look! As with all of the many bingo slot machines which can be found at Jackpot Joy Bingo this game can be sampled and played completely free of charge simply select the free to play option and you can play it at no risk for however long you so desire!
  • Fortune Temple Slot – Much like the bonus video slot machine listed above this great looking and very easy to play Fortune Temple game boasts 5 reels, a total of 25 paylines can be put into play on each spin of the reels you make plus the jackpot on offer which could be won on any single spin is identical at 10,000 coins. This slot has two bonus games which are unique to this slot, one of them being a click to stop and win type game and the other is a very unusual open the doors to reveal a cash prize type of bonus round.
  • Golden Balls Slot – If there is only one bingo slot machine that you sit down and play today then make sure it is this Golden Balls slot game, as you may have already guessed from its name it is based on the television game show of the very same name. The game is a typical bonus video slot which boasts a set of five reels and you can opt to set in motion a total of 20 paylines; however the most exciting part of this slot has to be its bonus round.

    Once you trigger this bonus game then you get to play the Golden Balls game, and it is here you have to decide whether you are going to try and steal the cash prize by selecting the Steal Ball, or you are faced with choosing the Split Ball in the hope that your opponent also Splits, if you both split then you share the prize, however if one of you splits and one of you steals then the person who has chosen the steal ball is the one who wins the cash prize, with the other player losing and winning nothing!

    This slot game really is one that you should try when you fancy a bit of a change from the live bingo games which are playing at Jackpot Joy Bingo, and as the host of the TV show Jasper Carrot always says, do not be greedy during the bonus game or you may leave with nothing! If you do try out this slot machine you will have lots of fun and excitement when playing it for sure, it is also available in a free to play format at Jackpot Joy Bingo.