90 Ball BingoUnlike other types of gambling games, the game of bingo has not really spawned hundreds of different game variants, in fact there are only three main types of bingo you can play online, one of which is the 90 ball bingo variant, which even though it has been around for decades, it is still the most popular game played online.

The way in which 90 ball bingo is structured is quite self explanatory, there are ninety balls in play on each game, and this means that there are 90 balls in the bingo drum, those being the numbers one to ninety inclusive.

Each 90 ball bingo ticket will have 15 numbers printed upon it. The way in which a ticket is present is via a three line format, with each line having 5 random numbers printed on each line, each number is only found once on each ticket and therefore never repeated.

Due to this distribution of 15 random numbers then there are literally hundreds of thousands of permutations and as such every single 90 ball bingo ticket sold is going to be completely unique in regards to the 15 numbers printed up on it.

Playing 90 Ball Bingo

To play 90 ball bingo online you will need to purchase at least one ticket from the bingo site at which you are playing, it is worth bearing in mind the ticket price will vary depending on which bingo site and in which bingo room you are playing, and the cost can be as low as just 0.01, or sometimes they are completely free of charge!

Once you have acquired your chosen number of 90 ball bingo tickets then the game will get underway once the countdown timer has reached zero. The bingo caller will then start to call out each number drawn from the bingo machine, one at a time.

The bingo software will automatically dab off any numbers drawn which match those printed on your bingo ticket, and the first part of a 90 ball bingo game is played for a single line across. So as soon as one lucky player gets a single line across then the software will call house for them and will allocate them the single line prize.

The game will then move onto the second part, and this is played for a two line win, so the first person to get any two lines of numbers crossed off their bingo ticket will be deemed the winner.

After the two line prize has been won and the prize awarded the game moves onto the final part, this is the full house game, and this game has the biggest prize on offer. The winner of this game will be the first person to cross off all 15 numbers on any one of their bingo tickets.

90 Ball Bingo Prizes

As mentioned above the prizes on offer on each individual 90 ball bingo game played are divided up into three different prize pools, the lowest prize on offer is for a single line, the next biggest prize is for a two line win, and the top prize payout is reserved for the winner of the full house game.

Often a special jackpot will be offered on all 90 ball bingo games; this is usually a progressive type of jackpot that will keep on growing until won. This jackpot will be offered if one player manages to get a full house in under a set number of balls called.

Another thing to bear in mind that if more than one person manages to win the single line, two line or full house game, then the prize offered is equally divided by those winning players.

Pre Buy 90 Ball Bingo Tickets

One very handy feature which is offered by all of our online bingo sites is that you can choose to pre buy tickets in advance for any up and coming bingo game, and as such you will always be able to take part in big jackpot paying games even if you are not online!

By pre-buying tickets in this way you can pick and choose exactly which bingo games to take part in and thanks to the bingo software automatically keep tracking and dabbing off your numbers as they are called out, and also as it calls house if you have a winning ticket then you can win when you are not even online!

Look out for this fantastic pre buy facility when you next log onto play, and this means you have no excuse to enter and take part in those regular large paying bingo jackpot games which all of our showcased bingo sites have on offer.

Many people have won some huge jackpot when pre-buying tickets on 90 ball bingo games so it may just be worth you considering doing the same if you haven’t time to be online and playing when those huge jackpot games are running!