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Having made your mind up that playing bingo online is something that you wish to do, then you will of course be hunting around in the hope of finding a bingo site that will give you everything you are looking for, and as everyone is seeking something different from any such bingo site allow us to introduce you to Jackpot City Bingo who offer the full package!

You will of course be able to claim a welcome bonus when you register and log into your brand new Jackpot City Bingo site account, it will take you a few moments to register and when you do then that bonus will be yours to claim and take full advantage of!

The bonus you can claim in case you were wondering is a 100% deposit match which will allow you to claim, as an additional free Bingo bonus up to 300.00 in additional cash, so if you do have the urge for a Bingo playing sessions then make sure you claim as much of that Jackpot City Bingo welcome bonus as you can afford as that will ensure you get as many Bingo cards and therefore winning chances as is possible!

There are plenty of ways for you to put money into your Jackpot City Bingo account as they accept all debit and credit cards, plus web wallets are also readily accepted, be aware that even if you do not have a web wallet or a bank account or credit card then thanks to the many different pre paid voucher systems such as Ukash you are still able to fund your account and get playing at Jackpot City Bingo in seconds and with no hoops to have to jump through, see their website for more details!

Bingo Games at Jackpot City Bingo

It is going to be the large and diverse range of bingo games that will excite the majority of online bingo players at the Jackpot City Bingo site, below are some the type of bingo games always up and running at this leading Microgaming software powered site.

  • 75 Ball Bingo – One game that always ensures you will be playing for thousands of different types of bingo patterns are the 75 Ball Bingo games which run every minute of the day at Jackpot City Bingo, with more games played per hour on these games than any other at this leading bingo site you will be able to pack in plenty of winning opportunities when you play.

    These games are played on the standard 75 Ball Bingo card which sees 5 columns of 5 numbers in a grid like formation, the middle position is a free square, and one of the most played for winning patterns is the four corner number pattern and the single line up down or diagonally on any single card.

  • Chat Bingo Games – With the Jackpot City Bingo site having its very own chat room, this allows them to operate a number of Bingo Chat Games which you may be interested in if you fancy playing online bingo which boasts a much more social type of feeling.

    These Bingo games give you the opportunity not only to play 75 Ball Bingo games for a standard set of prizes but by taking part in the Chat Bingo Games you will also have the chance to win additional prizes when playing by utilizing the chat room feature and taking instructions from the Chat Hose who offers little extra prizes when you are the first player to form certain playing patterns in addition to the usual base bingo game being played.

  • 90 Ball Bingo – You will find that all of the 90 Ball Bingo game of which there are no shortage of them being played at the Jackpot City Bingo site, offer you not only low cost bingo tickets but three chances of winning on each ticket purchases are offered One line, two line and a full house prize are played for on each one which means you get more chances of picking up a cash prize when playing these games at jackpot city than you would playing anywhere else.

Play Bingo Slots at Jackpot City Bingo

We have of course spent several sessions playing bingo at the Jackpot City Bingo site, and we also set about playing some of their Bingo slot games to allow us to review a number of these slots that we think may be of interest to you and as such here are three of the slot games we found most enjoyable at Jackpot City Bingo.

  • Tomb Raider Slot – Battling through an underground system of walkways and tombs may not sound like your idea of fun, however the Tomb Raider Bingo slot game which is based on the film released several years ago of the same name, is certainly going to give you an interesting game play and a distraction from your bingo game playing at Jackpot City Bingo!
  • Mega Moolah Slot – You may win for yourself a jackpot of mind blowing proportions when you are playing bingo games at the Jackpot City Bingo site, however you could also do exactly the same thing when playing the Jungle themed Mega Moolah Bingo site. This comes with four progressive jackpots which can drop at any moment completely randomly!
  • Mermaids Millions Slot – Remember that when you are playing Bingo slot games such as this Mermaids Millions slot, which is a funky looking game set underwater, that you can play then alongside your bingo tickets and cards so you never have to leave the bingo rooms to get stuck into playing any of the many Bingo slots available at the Jackpot City Bingo site.