75 Ball BingoAnother of the more commonly found bingo variants played both in land based bingo clubs and also at online bingo sites is the the much loved game of 75 ball bingo.

As the name of this bingo game type suggests there are only 75 bingo balls in play in the bingo machine, and as such you are only going to find the numbers one to seventy five printed up on each bingo card you buy when playing this type of bingo game.

When you purchase a 75 ball bingo card the layout of each one is structured in such a way that you will find five columns of five numbers on them. Sometimes, but not always, each column of numbers contains different colour bingo numbers.

The first columns contains the numbers one to fifteen and these are often coloured Red or are listed under the letter B on the card. Moving onto the second column, these could be listed as either I letters or will be coloured Blue and will contain the numbers 16 to 30.

The third columns will either be White coloured numbers or will be classed as N numbers and these are the numbers 31 to 45. The fourth columns will either be numbers beginning with the letter G or will be Green numbers and these will be the numbers 46 to 60.

Finally you will have the O classed numbers or those being Yellow in colour, and these are the remaining numbers 61 to 75. Also it is worth noting that the centre position on the majority of 75 ball bingo cards is a free square, which means this can be marked off before you start to play.

Playing 75 Ball Bingo Online

You are going to find the bingo game of 75 ball bingo available at nearly all online bingo sites, so make sure you have a good look around our sites as we have some of the best ones listed for you.

Once you have logged into the bingo site then simply scroll through the listing of the different bingo rooms until you find a 75 ball bingo room which has card prices that are suitable to yourself and your budget, you may be lucky enough to find some free play 75 ball bingo games!

You will then need to choose just how many bingo cards you wish to play, and then simply purchase them via the bingo software. Once the bingo games is set in motion then as each bingo ball is called out if any of your bingo cards has that number printed upon it the software will automatically dabbed them off for you.

You will be playing for many different patterns when playing 75 ball bingo, however clearly displayed on the screen will be the current pattern in play, and should you be the first player to achieve the winning pattern then the software will call bingo instantly for you and the game will end, and your bingo account will be credited with the winnings for that particular game.

The most commonly played for patterns on 75 ball bingo games are the single line games, and this is for a line up, down, across or corner to corner on any bingo card, often you can also win a 75 ball bingo game for getting all four corners crossed off any bingo card before any other players does!