Fabulous Bingo

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You have to hand it to some online bingo sites, when it comes to giving their players the ultimate online bingo player experience some of these sites always can be relied on to push out the boat and go that little bit further, and one such site where you are guaranteed the best of everything is the brand new Fabulous Bingo which has now opened its cyber doors.

The software is what is known as a no download required bingo site and as such you will be able to play any of their huge collection of bingo games instantly whenever you get the urge, take a few moments to sign up and then once you log in those games are all available including plenty of free to play bingo variants which offer real money cash prizes!

To help you make up your mind in regards to whether you should give Fabulous Bingo a try below we have a full and in-depth review of them, and as an added bonus should you sign up and play today then you will be able to claim some free bingo cash, for full details of this special and exclusive bingo bankroll boosting bonus simply get yourself over to their website and read up on it!

You will also find that should you decide you like what you are about to read and wish to make a deposit into the Fabulous Bingo site then you will have a very diverse range of depositing options at your disposal, this will allow you to get online and claiming their welcome bonuses as quickly as possible, and should you have a winning session then they are one of the fastest paying bingo sites around.

Bingo Games at Fabulous Bingo

Unlike other online bingo sites who have just a small collection of one type of bingo variants on offer, when you play at Fabulous Bingo a whole new world of bingo games will open up to you, and below we have listed the many different variants on offer, of which there are no shortage of them up and running!

  1. 75 Ball Bingo – One aspect of sitting down to play the 75 ball bingo game is that thanks to the unique way in which each bingo card is laid out a plethora of different winning patterns and be played for, and this ensures you will always have a little excitement should you opt to give these bingo games a try over at the Fabulous bingo site.
  2. 80 Ball Bingo – You will either love the 80 ball bingo games which can be found at Fabulous Bingo, or you will hate them! The reason for this is that they are the fastest played bingo games online, and as such the speed at which they play guarantees you will be able to play many more games than by playing any other variant, so if you like your bingo action fact and furious make sure you give 80 ball bingo a try!
  3. 90 Ball Bingo – Juts like the land based bingo clubs you can visit, if you choose to play bingo at Fabulous Bingo then you will find some of the highest paying games are those found in their 90 ball bingo rooms. With low cost ticket prices and three ways to win on each ticket you should get hours of fun and games on this bingo variant.

To find out when and in which bingo room you will find any bingo game, whether it is the free to play games or those very high paying big jackpot games, then you can check them out by clicking on the bingo schedule link which is found on both the Fabulous Bingo website or by logging into the bingo site and following the bingo schedule links, all of the up and coming bingo games will then be displayed for you allowing you to find out when and where they are playing!

Play Bingo Slots at Fabulous Bingo

With there being so many slot machines available to play at all online bingo sites, it will probably take something special for you to give those on offer at Fabulous Bingo some playtime. Well we are pleased to report that they have some very unique slot games on offer, all with unique themes, various jackpots and higher than average return to player payout percentages, and as such their slot machines really are well worth playing. Below are a few examples of the slots they currently have available

  • Yeah Baby Slot – This is a very unusual 3 reel slot game as unlike most of the other slot machines in this category this little beauty boasts a little bonus game for you to get stuck into, you could trigger this bonus game which is a bizarre love test type of bonus round as you are playing the base game. The base game for reference is a 3 reel slot machine on which you can play just one payline. The game is made complete thanks to a special wild symbol and when this lands on the win line alongside two matching reel symbols then it will help complete that winning combination and as such it will award you with the respective payout as listed on its pay table.
  • American Dream Slot – Whilst this slot is another of the very easy to play 3 reel slots found in the Fabulous Bingo gaming suite, this one can and does offer some truly massive winning potential and this is all down to a very special reel symbol that is in play on the base game. This symbol is the wild multiplier symbol, and whilst much like any other reel symbol it helps to complete winning combinations, when it does so if one of these symbols is present in the combination the value of the payout as listed on the slot machine pay table is multiplied by five times its normal value. However if you get two of these symbols and any other symbol then that winning combinations payout is boosted by a massive twenty five times its normal payout. If you get all three of these wild symbols on the payline then bingo you have won the top prize jackpot payout!
  • Poochie Slot – One other slot machine which we feel may be of interest to you is the Poochie slot game, and there are no prizes if you manage to guess who or what the star of this slot game is! It is of course the cute cast of dogs which adorn the slot game as reel symbols, and one reason why you may like this slot machine is thanks to it having a higher than average return to player payout percentage meaning you should get plenty of spins from your slot playing budget and even more chances of having a winning spin!