Here we have another of the comical advertisements which have recently been shown on television, promoting one of our top rated online bingo sites that site being the highly respected 888 Ladies Bingo site. Teaming up with Vic Reeves was a bit of a gamble, due to you tending to find that he’s spot on the ball or way off the mark when it comes to his interpretation of what he’s doing.

Fortunately for Vic, and 888 Bingo, seeing him dragging up to spend a night in playing online bingo is actually pretty damned amusing. Complete with laddered tights, chest hair, 5 o’clock shadow and a pint of lager, the visual image of him is one to make you at least smile.

The idea behind the 888 “Ladies Night” bingo advert is to show that it’s not only ladies that are allowed to play bingo, but that ‘everyone wants to be an 888 lady’. The concept isn’t new, men have been dragging up in the name of comedy since Shakespeare, but this is actually quite a refreshing change to the otherwise highly repetitive and at times irritating ads for the other various online Bingo sites.

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