In this 888 Ladies commercial we see that loveable comic Vic Reeves again donning his wig, suspenders and various female dressing gowns. This ad seems to have been a natural progression from the initial ad, and as such Vic and a group of his new found (actually female) bingo buddies all getting ready for a night of dabbing before logging in and meeting up to play a few games and have a laugh.

It’s quite a short a sweet ad, weighing in at only 30 seconds, but that’s what makes it such a good one. It actually does look fun, and there’s something about Reeves that makes him look maybe a little too comfortable in a pair of heels and an auburn wig! Still, I reckon this is by far amongst the best ads out there.

As with all of the television adverts we have displayed on our website be aware that you should always check the website of the Bingo site to find the current new player sign up bonus offers as the one you will have seen on the advert is of course subject to change at any time.

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