One of the rather romantic types of online bingo site television commercials is the one which was recently launched on TV by Fabulous Bingo, and I pray for the poor bloke who ends up proposing to this woman!

Imagine the scene, you go for a very romantic walk in the park at night, with music playing to set the mood, the stars shining down upon you both, he gets down on one knee, produces a rock the size of his fist, and she turns him down to play bingo. How awful!

However, on the bright side, if you sign up with Fabulous Bingo and deposit £10, you’ll get an extra £20 free. On top of that, you’ll even get a free eye shadow! I know it’s hardly a cure for some nasty disease, but it’s better than having your proposal turned down to go and play bingo!

As we always like to ensure you get the best value from playing bingo online we would suggest that you get over to the Fabulous Bingo website if you are considering playing at this state of the art bingo site, as the offers and promotions shown on television are always subject to change at any time.

They do currently have lots of ongoing bingo promotions at Fabulous Bingo and as such you will get the maximum playing value if you decide to give them some playtime, just do not get any ideas of proposing to your partner first!