Probably one of the cheesiest types of bingo adverts seen on television is the Heart Bingo one, due to the simple fact, that it is so boring to watch! The background music played on this advert is like the breakfast television music you hear when you tune into these shows at the crack of dawn and throughout the commercial to the ‘actors’ are all prancing around like extras from Fame.

Couple this with the smooth talking voice over and the compulsory rewind, slow motion action, complete with a bottle of fizz being sprayed everywhere, this ad really does tick all of the American teenage dreams boxes.

In fairness though, the ad does do the job, and despite the fact that they’re all jumping around and grinning like Cheshire Cats on LSD, Heart Bingo does come with a pretty good 300% sign up bonus, meaning if you deposit £10, you’ll receive £30 worth of playing credits. Even I would jump around like a mad man for that!

Be aware television commercials can and do quickly go out of date and for the current bonus offer available at the Heart Bingo site please make sure you get over and visit their website as that is where all current promotions can be found and displayed

We have decided to award Heart Bingo’s television advert a 2 out of ten based on the entertainment value of the advert, have a look at it yourself and see what you think.