One part of any online bingo site that should be robust and should never give you any form of hassle is when it comes to either making a deposit into any one particular bingo site or requesting and getting paid, in a timely fashion your withdrawals and cash outs.

One handy tip that we would like to share with all of our online bingo players visiting our site, is for you to ensure that you always have several payment options available to yourself before you even log on to play.

There are a great number of banking options available and the more savvy and experienced online bingo player will always have several different options set up and ready to use should they wish to make a deposit or request a cash out of any winnings.

Below we have listed several ways that you can fund any online bingo site and you will also find full details of some preferred withdrawal options which many players trust and opt to use.

Most Used Bingo Site Deposit Methods

  • Debit Cards – The success rates for being able to fund an online bingo site with a debit card are very high, and as such using this method is the preferred deposit option for the majority of online bingo players. The main advantages of using a debit card is that you are never going to be hit with any fees for making a deposit.
  • Credit Cards – Another fairly common way that many online bingo players fund their online bingo account is by using a credit card, however it has to be pointed out that when you use a credit card you will often be hit with a range of fees by the credit card issuer. This is often due to all online gambling deposits being classed as a cash advance, and as such a small percentage of your deposited amount will be added as a fee!
  • Web Wallets – More and more players who either do not wish to use a credit or debit card to fund an online bingo account are opening up and using a web wallet type account. There are many of them available and some of the more popular ones include Skrill, Neteller and Paypal.
  • Pre Paid Vouchers – You will also be able to fund an online bingo account using a prepaid voucher, There are two more commonly used ones those being Ukash and PaySafeCard, there are no fees associated with using either of them and they can be bought in shops and stores around the globe.
  • Mobile Phone Billing – If you are playing at a mobile bingo site then you can now have your deposits charged to your mobile phone account, often the amount you will be able to deposit are minimal, however, if you do not wish to use any other method having your deposits debited from your pay as you go mobile phone account or having them added onto your monthly billing mobile account is simple!

Withdrawal Options at Online Bingo Sites

There are plenty of different ways in which you can get paid your winnings from online bingo sites, and below we have listed those which are more commonly used by players and offer the best and quickest ways to get paid all of your online bingo winnings.

  • Debit Cards – Thanks to speedy payments when you request your winnings be sent to your debit card, you will often find that they show up and are readily available in your bank account a few hours after the bingo site has processed them, allowing you to then utilize and access those funds instantly!
  • Web Wallets – All online web wallets will let you withdraw your winnings back to them, however these web wallets may charge you a small fee to have those funds then sent from your web wallet back to your bank account or via a cheque.
  • Bank Wires – More and more online bingo sites will let you make a cash out and a withdrawal by having your funds sent back to your bank account, the time frame for these payments to reach your bank will of course be determined by where you live in the world, so make sure you ask the bingo site what the expected time frames are.
  • Cheque Payouts – You can often request any online bingo winnings are sent to you via a cheque, you will of course be completely at the mercy of the postal system when using this withdrawal option, however most online bingo sites will, for a small fee, offer you the ability to have the cheque sent back to you by a courier.