Foxy Bingo 2015We want to give you a quick heads-up about a mega paying bingo game that will be going live in a few days over at Foxy Bingo, and that game is the Maximum Bingo game which is all scheduled to go live at 8pm on the 27th February 2016.

Now what makes this Maximum Bingo game at Foxy Bingo one worth putting into your dairy, is that is have a huge set of cash prizes on offer on it which in total add up an amazing £200,000, and this is your chance to try and win one of the largest online bingo jackpots so far this year!

However, the main difference between this bingo game and most others, is that everyone who takes part in it is guaranteed to win a share of that massive prize pool! So let us quickly enlighten you on the relevant facts and figures of this must play bingo game as we are more than confident a lot of bingo players out there are going to want to take part in it.

This Maximum Bingo game is being played at a 90 Ball Bingo game, and as such when it goes live and starts you will have three chances of picking up the largest share of the prize pool. The tickets cost £1 each and the player who gets the full house is going to win instantly £50,000 in cash.

The player, or players who call house on the two-line pattern will win a share of £30,000 and the player or players who get the single line pattern in the lowest number of balls called out will win a share of £10,000.

All losing tickets are also going to be winners, and everyone who enters will be awarded a share of the £100,000 bonus prize which Foxy Bingo have generously added to the prize pool of this must play online bingo game!

Make sure therefore that you log into your Foxy Bingo account in good time for this Maximum Bingo game starting and make sure that you buy as many tickets as you can for this bingo game, as even if you lose on any of your purchased bingo cards and tickets you are still guaranteed to win something!

All of the terms and conditions of this bingo game can of course be found on the Foxy Bingo website and make sure you check the terms and conditions out!

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Posted on: 24th February 2016 by: Lynda Robshaw