Ukash Good news if you are one of the many online Bingo UK players who do not have a bank account, debit or credit card or even an online web wallet type account such as Neteller or Skrill, you can not only make deposits using pre paid vouchers but thanks to a new withdrawal option you will soon be able to pick up your online Bingo winnings in cash, from an ATM without needing any form of bank card!

You are probably wondering just how this is going to be possible, well Ukash, who have been providing pre paid vouchers that can be purchased from both Pay Point and Pay Zone outlets across the UK for a number of years now have just joined forced with Bank Machine who own and operate thousand of ATM’s across the UK to enable online Bingo players to access their winnings instantly and in cash.

When you visit a Pay Point or Pay Zone outlet you can buy Ukash Vouchers in cash over the counter, and then when you are back at home you simply log into your Bingo account, click on the Ukash logo of the Bingo sites banking page and then enter the face value of the Ukash voucher your purchased along with the unique 19 digit code printed on the front of the Ukash voucher and then the banking interface connects with the Ukash main frame and verifies your deposit which is credited to your Bingo account instantly.

How this new Ukash withdrawal service is going to work is that when you request a withdrawal you will then be issued with a unique code with can be used at any of the thousands of Bank Machine owned ATM’s and then the cash dispenser will give you your winnings instantly in cash on the spot!

There are currently in excess of 50,000 shopping outlets selling Ukash vouchers in the UK and with over 3000 Bank Machine owned and operated ATM’s then it is going to be a foregone conclusion that somewhere very near to where you live you are not only able to purchase Ukash vouchers but there will be a Bank Machine ATM, and as such you will be able to not only fund your online Bingo account and withdraw your winnings in cash instantly!

This is going to enable online Bingo players who have not been able to play online Bingo for real money due to them not having a bank account, web wallet or any other way of actually withdrawing any winnings made from an online Bingo affiliate programme to play Bingo and cash out there winnings in an amazingly simple and hassle free way!

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Posted on: 30th July 2013 by: Lynda Robshaw