Comfy BingoOne of the more recent bingo sites to come online, that being the Comfy Bingo site has just launched a brand new mobile bingo playing App which is going to revolutionize the way you play bingo!

When it comes to giving players every possible way to play bingo without them having to visit a land based bingo club Comfy Bingo are certainly at the top of their game.

This brand new mobile playing App is available to anyone no matter what type of phone you have so if you have an iPhone, Android Phone, Blackberry, Nokia or a simple standard type of mobile phone as long as you can get online with it then you are guaranteed to be able to play their vast array of instant bingo games.

What makes playing at Comfy Bingo so very entertaining and exciting is that to begin with you will have access to a completely free of charge bingo bonus, and this will allow you to put their games to the test and experiment with the bingo App at no risk to your own money, and once you have mastered the way it works and operates you will be wanting to go back for more, and if you do additional bonuses are then available!

You will find all types of bingo games on offer so no matter whether you prefer 75 ball bingo or the multiple prize paying 90 bingo games then there are games starting every minute of so, and this means you can log in and play at any time and from where ever you are and get straight down to playing bingo.

They have also added a diverse range of bingo side games which are guaranteed to give you plenty of additional winning opportunities so if you fancy a short break from playing bingo you can always settle down to play plenty of their high paying bingo slot machines, casino games or play a few hands of video poker, the prizes are there for the taking.

Make sure you take a gander at their bingo jackpot game schedule, this is where you can track down their highest paying bingo games, which boast low ticket prizes, and thanks to you having your mobile phone on you at all times then you will always be able to instantly access these big paying bingo jackpot games whenever they are up and running. Check them out today as they really are an up and coming online bingo site.

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Posted on: 26th April 2013 by: Lynda Robshaw