William Hill BingoThere is one aspect to playing bingo online that most players will experience at one time or another and that is not having enough spare time available to sit down and play your favourite bingo games!

This is no longer going to be a problem at the William Hill Bingo site for they have just launched even more 80 Ball Bingo games to their every growing collection of games!

If you are used to playing 75 ball and 90 ball bingo games then you may never have played 80 ball bingo games, and if this is the case then allow us to give you a quick run through of how these brand new William Hill Bingo games work and operate!

80 Ball Bingo Cards – The first aspect to playing 80 Ball Bingo that you need to be aware of is that the actual bingo cards are very different to both 75 and 90 ball bingo cards. For when playing 80 ball bingo games you will be playing with a card on which there are just sixteen numbers printed up on it. Those numbers are of course a random selection of numbers from one to eighty.

80 Ball Bingo Patterns – You will also be playing for different winning patterns when you choose to play 80 ball bingo games online, the most commonly utilized pattern is a single line in any direction. As the bingo cards are structured in a four row by four column format then you only need to get four number called out in any row to win the prize attached to that 80 ball bingo game!

Rapid Fire Bingo Games – Due to the reduced amount of numbers and the bingo card structure on offer on 80 ball bingo games that does of course mean you will find these games are rapid fire games and as such if you have been put off playing bingo online as you have not got lots of spare time, then these types of games are the ones that will allow you to play for just a small amount of time but still get plenty of games in that bingo playing session!

If you do fancy getting stuck into playing any of the brand new selection of 80 ball bingo games then head on over to the William Hill Bingo website today for details of a huge new player sign up bonus.

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Posted on: 13th February 2015 by: Lynda Robshaw