Posh BingoThere have been some major changes over at the Posh Bingo site recently, and one of the major changes is that they have closed down their Salon Bingo Room and have replaced it with a brand new bingo room that being the Chatterbox Room.

Unlike the Salon Room this new bingo room is open 24 hours a day and there are some excellent bingo games you can take part in whenever you get the urge to play bingo online, so make sure that you sign up to Posh Bingo if you are not already a player and make your way to that room as soon as you can do!

The Chatterbox Room as the Posh Bingo site is easy to find as you will find it locate under the 5p room tab, so give that room a click when you do log into your Posh Bingo site account and the room will then load instantly.

Being as this casino is a no download required bingo site that means all that you will need to play bingo there is any type of computer, laptop or even a mobile device that has a web browser attached to it, or if you do have a mobile phone then you can also download their bingo app too!

There is a very special bingo game being played in the Chatterbox room between the hours of 5am and 9am so if you are ever up nice and early then make sure you get involved in that bingo session for you are going to find the bingo cards cost just 1p each for the duration of that session!

However, you will find that they also have a special £50 jackpot game being played in that bingo room every hour starting at 11am and going right through to 2am the following morning and the ticket prices for those jackpot games are also just 1p each!

So what are you waiting for make your way over to the Posh Bingo site and sign up right now, in fact if you do so as soon as possible then you are also going to qualify for their enhanced sign up bonus, the full details of which you will find on their website.

Plus, with nonstop bingo games and some huge regular bingo jackpot games on offer you may just win big, and if you do they will always pay you out rapidly!

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Posted on: 8th March 2016 by: Lynda Robshaw