You have from now until the 24th of December 2016 to earn your invite into one of the hottest and highest paying online bingo games, that being the One Million Dollar Christmas Party being held over at everybody’s favourite bingo site Vic’s Bingo!

This is a fairly easy to understand bingo promotional offer for you to be able to gain entry into that huge prize paying bingo party set of bingo games you simply need to buy at least one bingo ticket each day!

You will find listed on their website the bingo rooms and bingo games that will allow you to qualify for your entry into that special Christmas Day set of bingo games, so make sure that you do check it out then remember to buy at least one bingo ticket per day in that highlighted bingo room and then they will invite you into the bingo cash giveaway set of bingo games!


If you have not yet signed up at Vic's Bingo then there are a lot of standout features about that bingo site you will be blissfully unsure of and as such we shall now give you a quick run through as to why they are a great site at which to play at.

The first thing worth knowing is that they allow and accept players from all over the world, including the USA, and as such if you are one of the many US based bingo players who has been experiencing problems finding an online bingo site that will welcome you on board as a new players then make sure you give them a try.

Vic’s Bingo is also very big on bonuses, special promotional offers and plenty of unique bingo games too, whilst you will of course find plenty of standard bingo games it will also be worth checking out some of their more unique games on which extra prizes are on offer.

Take for example there bingo chat games, those games are up and running day and night and will allow you to have plenty of community based bingo playing fun and bingo playing action from within their chat room and also win a myriad of additional prizes too.

There are also going to be lots of huge jackpot bingo games on offer to you which will only require you to pay some very nominal amounts of cash for your bingo tickets, so their bingo games are affordable!

Lots of bingo slot machines and bingo side games are also on offer to all players, so please do take a good long hard look over their website as we just know they will give you the exact type of bingo playing experience you are looking for and they will exceed your expectations too!

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Posted on: 12th December 2016 by: Lynda Robshaw