Sky BingoAs Wednesday is not one of the busiest days of the week for most online bingo sites, you will often find that in an attempt to get players to log onto their bingo sites and play, many of our featured bingo sites are going to offer some kind of unique promotion each and every Wednesday.

This is certainly the case over at Sky Bingo for that is the day of the week when they offer their aptly named Winners Wednesday promotion, and as such if you do fancy playing a little bit of bingo online on a Wednesday then this licensed and regulated bingo site should be high up on the top of your list of bingo sites to play!

Every Wednesday at our top rated and highly recommended Sky Bingo you are going to find they have a promotion running on which their Facebook friends are going to be able to win two £25 bingo bonus, so if you are a member of Facebook then be sure to add them as one of your friends as by doing so you will then have the chance of winning one of those two cash bonuses.

Another promotion that you are going to find up and running at the Sky Bingo site every Wednesday is their Cash Back promotion which will see some players getting cash back on any losses achieved when playing their range of different bingo slot games, so if you do fancy spinning some bingo slot reels on a Wednesday then do make sure the slots you do end up playing are those available at the Sky Bingo site, as you may get your losses paid back to you!

Roll On Bingo

There is also a special set of bingo games which are going to be up and running at Sky Bingo each and every Wednesday and those bingo games can be found on offer in their Syndicate Bingo Room.

You will find they are going to be offering a 3 hours bingo session in that room which are known as their Roll-On Bingo games.

The main attraction and benefit of taking part in those bingo games is that they have two extra full houses on offer on them and as such you could win either the standard full house bingo prize on each of those games that you play or one of the additional ones!

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Posted on: 29th April 2015 by: Lynda Robshaw