BetfredJuly could be a month when you win a small fortune if you are a player over at the BetFred online bingo site, as they have just launched their latest Summer promotion that being their incredible £1 million giveaway.

You can log on and play bingo at BetFred up until the 31st of July and have a chance of walking away a winner, as that massive prize pool have been divided up into 1000 prizes of, you guessed it £1000, and as such everyone taking part in the promotion will have a chance of winning an equal share of that prize pool.

The prizes on offer are not just paid to winners getting a full house, as the bingo game used for these special games are the 90 ball bingo games, so even if you just win a one line or two line prize you will also pick up £1000!

There are 30 chances each and every weekday in July to win one of these prizes as there are ten bingo games and on Fridays to Sunday 36 chances are available to win a share of that massive enhanced payout on their selected bingo games.

The bingo room where all of these special bingo games are playing in the BetFred bingo site is the Bunker Room, and from Monday to Thursdays there are ten of these special games running on the hour, from 1pm in the afternoon until 10pm at night, so when you log in make your way to the Bunker room to find these games up and running.

The Fridays to Sunday games start at 12pm Noon and run until 11pm at night. The cost of the bingo tickets for these special bingo games is just 50p and as such even if you have a small modest budget then you will still be able to take part.

In the event of more than one winner calling house on a single line, two lines or full house then the enhanced £1000 prize for that part of the game is shared equally between the numbers of players who won!

So why play bingo for modest cash payouts when you can play any day in July and win for yourself a hugely enhanced cash payout, these cash prizes are guaranteed to go on each featured bingo game on mobile devices played and as such someone has to win them, so go on, give them a try!

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Posted on: 4th July 2013 by: Lynda Robshaw