Costa BingoThe one day of the week when you need to be online and playing Bingo is Friday night! For this is the one night of the week when most Bingo sites roll out their huge prize paying jackpot games, and one site that has a massive jackpot up for grabs every single Friday Night of the month is Costa Bingo.

Now there is something very unique about the Costa Jackpot game which is played at 10pm on Friday Night at the Costa Bingo site and that is the tickets are completely free of charge, and as such you could win a share of a guaranteed £10,000 jackpot prize pool without having to spend a penny on your Bingo Tickets!

Make sure that if you do decide to play at Costa Bingo on Friday nights you arrive nice and early with plenty of time to spare, you can find this Bingo game listed under the Super Jackpots tab on the Costa Bingo sites main lobby menu, then click on the Costa Crazy Room and you will be all set to go.

The chat room attached to this specially set aside huge prize paying Bingo game opens up and 9.45pm so you can have a quick chatter with the guys and girls in the chat room before the game goes live.

Remember that the Bingo Tickets are free for this big jackpot game, and you can play from one to ninety six tickets on the game. The actual Bingo game attached to this jackpot game is the 90 Ball Bingo games which has three prizes.

By having the 90 Ball Bingo game in play then there will be at least three winners of this jackpot game. As is the norm on all 90 Ball Bingo games when playing at Costa Bingo the first stage of the game is played for one single line, then the game will move onto the two lines game.

Once one or more players wins the two lines game then it is time for the big one and the first person to call House and cross off all of their 15 numbers on any single ticket will win the jackpot. If more than one player calls house on the one line, two lines or full house stage of the game then the cash prize allocated to that part of the game will be equally split between all winning players.

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Posted on: 11th July 2014 by: Lynda Robshaw