Botemanía BingoWe do know that if you are one of our Spanish online bingo playing website visitors locating a fully licensed and regulated bingo site that is going to accept you as a real money bingo player is very difficult, as the Spanish Government have taken the route that a lot of other countries has and have started to issue their own online gambling site licenses.

This do of course mean that you are only going to be able to play real money and free to play bingo games on an ipad, other devices and online at a very limited number of bingo sites online, however one site that will allow you to play bingo perfectly legally as they have obtained a Spanish online gambling license is Botemanía.

If you want to play all manner of different bingo games from anywhere within Spain then do take a look at what this first class bingo site has to offer you as they offer players around the clock bingo games some of which do of course boast massive jackpots!

Rapi Bingo – The Rapi Bingo games are fast paced and very energetic bingo games and when you choose to give these games some play time you will be able to get through a huge number of games in the fastest possible time frames, ideal for when you are on a break from work or are about to go for a siesta!

Bono Bingo – The Bono Bingo games you will have access to when you are playing at the Botemanía site come with lots of bonuses and as such in addition to the standard winning payouts you can bag all manner of little and not so little extras, and as such these games offer the maximum playing value to all Spanish online bingo players.

Super Bingo – For some of the very largest jackpot bingo games then make sure you check through the bingo schedule at the Botemanía site for when you do you ill discover lots of up and coming Super Bingo games and those are the games offering some life changing jackpot winning payouts!

Roulette – You will also find a great playing Bingo Roulette game is on offer at the Botemanía website and this is a side game which you can access and play alongside all of your standard bingo games and it offers lots of different betting opportunities to players!

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Posted on: 7th November 2014 by: Lynda Robshaw