The Sun BingoYou may be a vastly experienced online Bingo player, but everyone has to start somewhere, and this is something that the Sun Bingo site fully understands! If you have never played online Bingo before but are willing to give it a try then you need to head over to the Sun Bingo site as they have just launched a brand new Bingo Room that being their Learner Room!

By visiting the Sun Bingo website one of our top UK Poker sites, filling out their registration form and then logging on as a new player you will be given access to their Learner Room in which you are going to be able to get to grips with playing many of their Bingo games completely free of charge for the first seven days.

This Learner Bingo Room is open 7 days a week between the hours of 11am and 1pm and also between the hours of 6pm and 8pm. You do not have to download any software or do anything complicated to access the Sun Bingo site, simply register and then log into their website using your newly set up account details which includes your username and password and then you are all ready to roll!

Once logged in take a look through the Bingo Room Menu and locate the Learner Room, click on it and then you will instantly be taken into that room. This is where the fun and games will start for you will be able to play their Bingo games at no cost and could pick up a large range of Bingo Prizes.

There is a chat room facility in the Learner Room and it is from there that you will be able to chat and fully interact with the Bingo Hosts, and they will guide you fully through any aspect of playing their Bingo games that you are unsure about.

You will also find that via the chat room feature you are also able to chat to all of the other players logged into that room and as such you will be able to fully interact with them all! After you have fully got to grips with the way their Bingo games all work and operate you can then, after 7 days switch over to playing their real money games if you so desire.

By making an initial deposit they will give you a Bingo bonus worth £40 as soon as you deposit and play just £10 worth of Bingo games!

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Posted on: 23rd July 2014 by: Lynda Robshaw