Vics BingoHow do you fancy winning a brand new iPhone 6? Well if you do then you simply need to make your way over to the Vic’s Bingo site and give their fantastic range of bingo games some play time, for during the entire month of August 2015 by playing and winning one of their special bingo pattern games you will have the chance of winning that state of the art Smartphone.

The way this special competition has been designed is that every time you play their Happy Face pattern bingo game and manage to win that bingo game you will be allocated one to twenty special competition points, and the person who wins the most games with that Happy Face bingo pattern during August will then be the winner of that iPhone 6!

You will find that the Happy Face bingo pattern is going to be available in all of the different bingo rooms at Vic’s Bingo and as each room comes with bingo ticket prices that vary then the higher the amount you pay for your tickets based on the room you are playing in the more point you will earn when you are the player to from that pattern first.

At the end of August Vic’s Bingo will tally up every players points and will then award that brand new iPhone 6 to the player with the most points However, there are two bonus prizes available the person who gets the second highest number of points will win a $300 bonus and the player who manages to accumulate the third highest number of points will win a $150 bonus.

For full details and a complete listing of each of the bingo rooms that the Happy Face pattern will be available in and the exact number of points that will be awarded to you if you are the first player to form that pattern please visit the Vic’s Bingo website and follow the links to the promotions page.

Plus if you have not yet signed up as a new player then make sure you do so right away for you are going to be able to claim a huge sign up bonus that is going to get you off to a flying start, and a range of very high valued deposit match bonuses will then be made available to you on every single day of the week!

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Posted on: 10th August 2015 by: Lynda Robshaw